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The International Association of Dental Students was founded in 1951, to unite the dental students of the world and allow them to exchange knowledge and experiences about dentistry at an international level. As the only worldwide association for dental students, it represent the future members of the dental profession at a worldwide level. Its Central Office is at FDI World Dental Federation Headquarters in Ferney-Voltaire, France.

Who can be a member?

National and local associations of dental students are eligible for membership. Presently the IADS has member associations in many countries, representing some 88.000 dental students around the world. When an association joins, all its members become members of IADS. There is no membership for individuals at the present time.

Who runs the Association?

Each member association sends their representatives to the General Assembly, which meets during the Congress and Mid Year Meeting. A six-person Executive Committee, headed by the President, is responsible for day to day management of the Association's affairs.

What activities are organised for members?

As well as the Annual World Congress of Dental Students, the IADS offers many things at an international level to its members. These are accessible to each and every dental student in the member countries, and include an International Student Exchange Programme, which allows students to visit a foreign country and experience its culture and its dentistry, both scientifically and clinically. 

IADS structure for exchange

Every student going on exchange must be part of an association, school, country member of the IADS.

A student may participate on a Unilateral or a Bilateral Exchange depending upon prior arrangements with the country to visit.

IADS application form.